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Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. Specialist in General and Plastic Surgery

Dr Siana initially developed this device to assist in healing the penis after surgery. However, he quickly realized the many benefits of using it for penis enlargement.

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How does size Genetics work?

This uses an understanding of human anatomy to increase the size of your penis.
Sizegenetics focuses on the corpora cavernosa, i.e. a part of your penis it contains a network of blood vessels and is responsible for getting harder and powerful penile erections.
Put the device over your penis. It gives a firm and gentle to your penile tissues, including the blood vessels. The cells present in the corpora cavernosa split and pull away. This is a result of the slow stretching of your penis, and the cells become fuller with blood as the blood vessels in your penis get an increased quantity of blood than before.
The erection is larger and harder. When you keep on increasing the tension of the focused region, you obtain better and quicker effects.

How to use Size Genetics:

Put the extension device over the penis. You have to come out of your comfort zone and get used to wearing the device. You have to put on the device for about five to six hours daily when you start using it.
Do this for the first six weeks stretch your penis regularly. After six weeks, decrease the time you wear the extension device; see substantial growth in your penis size after six weeks, it increases both lengthwise and in girth benefits of sizegenetics stretching of your penis by this device forms new cells in the corpora cavernosa region, and so it can hold more blood.

You get firmer larger and longer erections. This penis traction device boosts the flow of blood to the blood vessels in your penis. It enhances the capacity of holding the blood of the new cells formed, so the size of your penis increases.

If you have a bent penis or improper curvature, you can go for the curvature and Peyronies package. It comprises all necessary devices and accessories which will reverse your penis curvature syndrome. These penis extension tractions are medically proven and have approvals from health agencies (Worldwide) so remember that I have an important message for you it is because you can ask for a refund


How To Get A Refund

If you are not happy after using the device for 100 hours to get a refund to write down measurements of your penis for every day and send it to the manufacturer. Also, send prior and post-treatment photographs of your penis after verification. Your refund will get approved by the company. You will obtain a refund in your account if you receive a poor-quality damaged device. Contact the company within two weeks from the date of receipt the company sends a replacement soon, so I hope you like of my explanation don’t forget to buy an official website link IS HERE. Thanks for watching.