Do penis enlargement pills really work?


A 2015 study of more than 15,000 men found that the average size of an erect penis is 5.16 inches (13.12 cm). The average circumference (girth) is 3.66 inches (9.31cm). Pop culture and porn have conspired together to distort the facts and do a lot of damage to the male psyche. Many men have a different idea of what size their Penis is. Some men believe that anything larger than they have is worth trying and better. They use penis enlargement tablets to accomplish this.

What are penis enlargement tablets?

Penis enlargement pills claim to increase the size of your Penis. They can be found online under many brand names and even in supplement shops that promise “male enhancement” or straight-up penis growth.

They are usually made up of a variety of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Fyrthermore, they don’t work. According to Seth Cohen MD, a New York City urologist at NYU Langone Health, “There are no pills that will increase the size of your penis.”

Here’s how: The corpus cavernosum is two tubes of spongy tissue in the Penis. This tissue expands and becomes stiffer after an erection. After puberty, the amount and consistency in which your Penis is spongy has been established. The corpus cavernosum is what determines how big your erection will be, and it’s not something you can change with a pill.

Some alleged penis enlargement pills contain ingredients that may help you get an erection faster or achieve one that’s a bit firmer than usual. Still, they can’t enlarge the corpus cavernosum and thus make you permanently bigger.

The only way to improve the size and shape of your Penis is by using the SizeGenetics device. This Device is the ONLY FDA Approved Penis Enlargement Device on the market.

Potential side effects and risks

FDA, like pharmaceutical drugs, does not regulate supplements. It is often difficult to find out what is contained in them or if the ingredients are safe. PDE5 inhibitors, medications that work similarly to Viagra and Cialis, may be found in some “male enhancement” pills. These can pose a danger if it is too much or you have a medical condition that prevents you from using them. If you consider using these medicines, you should consult a medical professional, namely a doctor or a pharmacist.

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