Penis Extenders

Are penis extenders effective?

For years the market has been flooded with several so called penis enlargement devices. Each one being advertised as most effective. But is there any fool proof device which can guarantee you the results you have been waiting for? In our opinion, penis extenders is the best choice when it comes to making your penis larger in safe and relatively fast way.

But why to choose penis extenders when there are several other products on market. Why just no to stick to penis enlargement exercises, some magical pills or even creams? Well, we can rate these methods by taking a look at 3 different rating criteria.

None in this time wants to wait years to achieve the wanted results. Luckily, penis extenders have been proven to be the fastest way how to achieve great penis length. By using penis stretchers you can increase your penis length by 2-3 inches as well as girth. The results will be gradual and each month you will notice the enlargement progress.


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However, what’s the method behind so fast increase? Unlike penis pumps where you need to use a few times a day, month by month the situation with penis extenders like SizeGenetics is completely different. These modern penis extending devices are made in such high quality that they provide comfort and you will be able to wear these devices all day long. It will be no longer necessary  to go to your toilet with your penis pump and do the daily awkward exercises. You just attach the device and do your daily tasks without any discomfort.

In fact, penis extenders at first was developed by doctors to use for patients who had some injuries and the penis would sustain its natural curve. However, after a while they notice that by using these devices the patients are able to increase the girth and length.

However, these early devices had some design flaws and hadn’t that comfort needed to use all day long. So some radical changes were made so the device could be used for long periods of time and thus provide with great results.

Thanks to the results achieved, penis extenders are the most commonly used device which are suggested by many doctors. You can only achieve such results by stimulating the growth of your penis every second.

It is also very safe to to penis extender compared to other methods. Penis pumps for a fact often give blisters and even may be painful to use. And by doing penis stretching exercises you can only deform your penis since the extending process needs to be gradual.

On the other hand, using these devices is very easy and safe. You just make adjustments to device, attach it to your penis and that is all. Unlike other penis enlargements methods, the SizeGenetics devices are safe and will provide you with long term results. Don’t fall for magic pills or even cream scams, choose the method which is suggested by doctors Worldwide.

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Which Penis Extender Is The Best?

There are several penis extenders advertised to be effective. However, when it comes being tested for effectiveness and comfort we suggest you to consider SizeGenetics Extender since it has been designed hand to hand with leading doctors.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, I’m martin. In this video, I’m going to talk about the product called sizegenetics and how this product works, so stay with me until the end because I got an important message for you sizegenetics is a scientific penis traction device which with regular usage, helps you to enlarge both the length and girth of your penis.
This device has various accessories that have several uses. The company provides you with four penis
extension device packs for users. You can buy the one that suits you best the penis extension devices from this company have approvals of many medical authorities, including the FDA, making it safe for use.

How Does SizeGenetics Work?

This uses an understanding of human anatomy to increase the size of your penis.
Sizegenetics focuses on the corpora cavernosa, i.e. a part of your penis it contains a network of blood vessels and is responsible for getting harder and powerful penile erections.
Put the device over your penis. It gives a firm and gentle to your penile tissues, including the blood vessels. The cells present in the corpora cavernosa split and pull away. This is a result of the slow stretching of your penis, and the cells become fuller with blood as the blood vessels in your penis get an increased quantity of blood than before.
The erection is larger and harder. When you keep on increasing the tension of the focused region, you obtain better and quicker effects.

How to use SizeGenetics:

Put the extension device over the penis. You have to come out of your comfort zone and get used to wearing the device. You have to put on the device for about five to six hours daily when you start using it.
Do this for the first six weeks stretch your penis regularly. After six weeks, decrease the time you wear the extension device; see substantial growth in your penis size after six weeks, it increases both lengthwise and in girth benefits of sizegenetics stretching of your penis by this device forms new cells in the corpora cavernosa region, and so it can hold more blood.

You get firmer larger and longer erections. This penis traction device boosts the flow of blood to the blood vessels in your penis. It enhances the capacity of holding the blood of the new cells formed, so the size of your penis increases. If you have a bent penis or improper curvature, you can go for the curvature and Peyronies package.

What's Included In My Purchase?

It comprises of all necessary devices and accessories which will reverse your penis curvature syndrome. These penis extension tractions are medically proven and have approvals from health agencies (Worldwide) so remember that it’s important for you to know that if for whatever reason, you can ask for a refund if you are not happy after using the device for 100 hours. To get a refund to write down the measurements of your penis every day and send it to the manufacturer. Also, send prior and post-treatment photographs of your penis. After verification, your refund will get approved by the company.

You will also obtain a refund in your account if you receive a poor-quality or damaged device.
Contact the company within two weeks from the date of receipt the company will then send you a replacement very quickly, so I hope you like of my explanation, don’t forget to buy an official website
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