Penis Size Enlargement – Myths and Reality

Penis Size Enlargement – Myths and Reality

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In this article Professor Kevan Wylie, a sexual health consultant, reviews the safety, efficacy and evidence of various penis enlargement treatments and products on the market.

There are lots of websites out there selling pills, treatments, equipment and surgery to enlarge the penis size, but do they work?

Men’s anxiety about the size of their male member has created a global industry in mostly clinically unproven male member enlargement products.

Many men worry that their male member is too small. Most studies, however, have shown that almost all men don’t need to be worried. Professor Wylie suggests that men who are concerned about the size of their penises should talk to a doctor before trying any treatments. These treatments can be ineffective, costly, and potentially dangerous.

He says that many men who are concerned about their penis size have poor body image. They tend to concentrate their poor body image on the penis size. Counselling can often make a big difference in the lives of such men by building confidence and correcting negative views about body image. It can also help them to understand what makes people attractive to the opposite gender. Numerous studies have shown that women don’t particularly want a male with a big penis.

It is costly and sometimes risky to increase your penis size and it is in most cases unnecessary. There are many things you can do that will make you feel better about your body, as follows:


  • Trim your pubic hair. A large amount of pubic hair could make your male member appear smaller.
  • Lose weight. An overhanging stomach can make your male member look smaller.
  • Get fit. Being in better overall physical condition can make you more attractive and improve your sex life.


Non-surgical treatments


Pills and lotions


These products often contain vitamins, minerals, hormones and herbs that are claimed to increase the size of the penis. These products are not clinically proven to work, and some of them may even be dangerous. An analysis of some of these products by the University of Maryland, USA, revealed trace amounts of pesticides, lead, E. coli bacteria, animal excrement and lead.


Professor Wylie says that they are a waste of time. A lotion can help a man become more accustomed to contact with his male member. This is something that some men avoid. While lotions may help men feel more comfortable around their penis, they won’t make it bigger.



Vacuum devices


Penis pumps are made by placing a tube on the male member, and then pumping the air out to create a vacuum. The vacuum draws blood to the male member, so making it swell. Sometimes, vacuum pumps are used short-term in the treatment of impotence. Overuse of a penis vacuum pump can cause damage to the tissue of the male member and can result in weaker erections.

Professor Wylie says that there is very little evidence to suggest these pumps have a long-term effect on size. “Using a vacuum pump for just a few minutes per day will not increase the size of your penis.”


Penile extenders


To stretch the flaccid penis, this technique involves placing a weight or an extending frame onto the male member. Professor Wylie states that there is no evidence to support the use of weights on the penis. They may also permanently damage the male member. Traction devices have shown better results.

He says that there is evidence to suggest that traction devices can benefit men with smaller male members. Patients who have used traction devices for three to six months have seen a growth in their male member of between 1 and 2 inches. However, the more these devices are used, the bigger the penis gets. Results of adding 3 or more inches are not out of the ordinary. Not only is the length improved, but the girth is considerably improved as well.

Men considering the traction option, the only surgical or non-surgical option recommended by Professor Willy whoops Wylie, should consider buying one of the male member enlargement and straightening devices made by Size Genetics Co., Ltd. Please visit our HOME PAGE For More Information.




Jelqing involves repeatedly pulling the flaccid penis with the thumb and index fingers. The goal is to increase erection size. The theory is that pulling exercises will increase penis blood capacity, which could lead to increased penis length and girth.

Professor Wylie says that this technique, just like lotion use, can help men appreciate the significant size difference between an erect and a flaccid male member. This helps men feel more at ease with their bodies. There is no scientific evidence that jelqing increases penis size.


Penis surgery


Penis girth surgery

One surgical technique to increase the girth of the penis is to inject fat from another area of the body into the penis. Studies have shown that the circumference can increase by between 1.4 and 4 cm.

Studies that have looked at the long-term results have shown disappointing results. The injected fat can be reabsorbed by the body over time, causing a return to the original size of the penis. Other undesirable results include disfigurement, scarring, lumpiness, and infection.

Another technique, which is still in the experimental stage, involves retracting the skin from the head of the penis and inserting a tube-shaped biodegradable frame containing tissue cells around the male member. Professor Wylie asserts that biodegradable frames have produced better results than fat injections.  

Penis length surgery


The most used method is to cut the ligament connecting the penis to its pubic bone. Then a skin transplant is carried out at the base of the male member to increase its length. Professor Wylie states that the average length increase to the flaccid penis is 2cm. However, crucially, the size of the erect penis will not change at all. This makes this method a non-starter for most men.

The erect penis will not point as high after the surgical procedure, as the removed ligament no longer provides support. Professor Wylie says that many men who receive this surgery don’t like the loss of angle that is a result. It can make intercourse somewhat uncomfortable. It requires you to be more flexible in the bedroom with your partner, which many men find impossible. The benefit of gaining 2cm in flaccid length is not worth the undesirable reduction in the angle of erection.


For men with a large overhanging stomach, liposuction, a surgical operation to remove fat from the belly, can make their male member look bigger. A partly buried male member can be made more prominent by getting rid of fat from the pubic area.

Professor Wylie states that patients generally consider the cosmetic results acceptable. He says that while liposuction may result in a short-term 2cm increase in length, the fat will eventually return to the pubic region if the patient gains weight again.

The procedure may give patients a short-term boost of confidence, but they must also regularly improve their diet and exercise to sustain the cosmetic improvement. Liposuction, as with all surgical procedures, can cause side effects and complications.



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