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Hi, my name is Mark

Hi, my name is Mark ( I will not reveal my last name since I don’t want to be know as a “Penis extender guy” or something like that ;)), I am from Seattle. I have created this blog to document my experiences using SizeGenetics penis extending device. I originally created it just for my closest friends so I wouldn’t need to retell all the story and tips. But thanks to several people who linked from various forums, this review has become quite public and popular.

How I ended up creating this SizeGenetics review?

Well, during my teenage years all parts of my body grow year by year. But unfortunately, my penis grew very slow and after I hit twenties the growth stopped.

While I had many relationships they didn’t go for too long. The critical was the last one (year 2012) when I found out that my girlfriend has been cheating on me. However, the devastating realization was when she revealed the reason. She wasn’t enjoying the sex we had and although she liked me, the sexual life was very important for her so she started to look for “alternatives”. Although I had a good drive (in my opinion) she revealed that she enjoyed deeper penetration which I simply couldn’t provide.

For months I was very depressed. My self-esteem was damaged, but I still managed to have one relationship and this time due to my state and low self-esteem(because of previous partner) I even lost my sex drive and confidence. I simply couldn’t satisfy anyone at all. The moment she saw my penis I could read from her face that she was expecting something bigger.

Still being very depressed I started looking for solutions. First I ordered a penis pump which was advertised to give permanant noticeable results after just a fey weeks. I really somehow believed it and used it daily for about 2 months. And guess what – no results at all. Yes, after initial use it may give some boost and its only from swelling and after a few minutes its gone. Luckily, I at least got refund.

Realizing that penis pumps can only give small temporary boost, I decided to look for alternatives and then I saw an ad for SizeGenetics Penis Extender System. At first when I saw the pictures I thought – what a weird device. It just looked so different from these penis pumps or anything I had seen before. So, I decided to give it a try since it has 6 months money back guarantee.

Which SizeGenetics package to order?

I ordered Starter Edition package and while I have chance I will warn you – don’t be like me trying to save some bucks. Although Starter Edition is the cheapest one, it lacks comfort. Let me explain in details…

So, I got the Starter Edition which included only the stretcher(medical type 1 device) and instructional DVD. So, I watched the DVD manual how to attach the stretcher, etc. It was really hopeful since it was my first time using the stretcher. However, after wearing it for a day I realized my mistake. It lacked the comfort since the Starter Package lacked many items which would make the process comfy:

58 Way Ultimate System, Multi head piece – You should definitely have this. This basically contains all the parts and various head beds which will lower the friction greatly and basically thug in your penis head and make it comfy. A must have.

Traction Plus Powder, Aftercare moisturizer – Another additions which are very important for comfort and results. The powder will create a traction between the stretcher and your penis so the stimulation would be non-stop yet still comfortable. The moisturizer will keep your penis in good shape and speed up the tissue regeneration process.

There also several other items like PenisHealth exercise DVD – contains all the tips how to stimulate the growth of your penis when combined with the device. There are a lot more additions which will only make the experience better and results faster. But in brief – don’t save money on SizeGenetics simply because it will be a device which you will be using for a while and comfort is a must have.

Luckily, I contacted the customer service(who, by the the way, responded immediately) paid some additional money and they sent the rest of the items and from that time the process of using SizeGenetics stretcher has been very pleasant and without any discomfort. To be honest, thanks to the various heads and Ultimate Comfort System I don’t even feel the device anymore.

So yeah, I suggest to buy Ultimate System or medium package at least.

Below I also have responded to questions I have received over these 2 years while running this blog.

I got an increase of about 2 inches during these 2 years. I got 1,3 inch growth in first 5 months and after that the length gradually increased. At the moment my penis in 7,2 inches long.

Do you still use SizeGenetics?

Now I use it about 2 days a week to sustain the results I have gained and also give some additional increase. Although the growth has been slower recently (I have already achieved great results and it is obvious when after some time I will hit my traction limit – however, I am pretty sure that for a year I still will notice only solid increase).

How does SizeGenetics work?

SizeGenetics is working thanks to traction. Traction has been used for centuries in medicine as proven method to speed up new cell growth. Traction method is often used to extend the length of fingers and toes after injuries. However, it has been successfully used also to increase the size and girth of penis. As soon as a limb is under a light extending pressure, the growth cells in your penis are activated and to lower the light pressure new cells start to grow thus extending the length as well as girth of your penis.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 6 months money back guarantee which in my opinion is more then enough to see noticeable results. From my experience, the first 6 months is a time when you will get the most gains.

Do you know other people who got good results?

There are thousands of people using SizeGenetics and yeah – there are many testimonials. In fact, several my blog readers have sent them. However, they have asked me not to publish them due to the sensitive subject matter. However, if you go to the official website where you can see the whole range of products, they have customer testimonials. 

So, In Conclusion.......

If you are in the same position as me, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain as You Have A 6 Month, Money Back Guarantee. Visit the Official Website / Store and you can regain your self confidence, improve your sex life and feel good about yourself. I hope that my candied story may have inspired you to finally Take Action – CLICK HERE to Visit the Store. All the best in your journey.