Curved Penis

How to straighten a curved penis?

Are you having curved penis? The fact is, millions of men has the same issue as you, but are there any solutions for it? How does curved penis develop?

Although the cause is often debated, there are several factos which may lead to curved penis. The most common one is genes. Manyh men simply born with a gene which makes the penis to curve after hitting puberty years and the curve can progress during the adulthood. Often the curve appears after some kind of trauma, a hit or constant pressure. Although there have been talks regarding STD, it is very unlikely that any STD could be linked to it.

Although not life-threatening, a curved penis can cause discomfort and often make sex difficult during the intercorse which often leads many men to look for solution.

Curved Penis Treatment Methods

It’s very rare for curved penis to straighten just by doing nothing, more often the curve only increases over the years and can lead to discomfort and problems during intercourse. There are several methods which can help you to straighten is, but all of them include applying constant back pressure.

Penis Straightening Exercises

The most cheapest but time consuming way for penis straightening is by doing so called penis straightening exercises. There are several people who on forums have reported noticeable results, but all of them took several months. The idea is basic. Use your hands to slightly push your penis in opposite direction. The pressure needs to be constant. Don’t be tough on yourself for first times since there have been cases of injuries. Just be patient and do the the exercises on daily basis. Yes, it wil be time consuming, no doubt, but some noticeable results can be achieved. But are there any easier alternatives to get straighten penis faster and without too much hassle. Yes, there is another more effective method you may be interested in.

Penis Straightening Devices

Penis straighteners basically are devices which work by applying less pressure then you would achieve when doing penis exercises. Howveer, these devices have been made to be used for several hours repeatedly. This means there results will be gradual and faster without any kind of manual work or possible injuries. In fact, these straighteners first were invited my physicians. At first they cost up to two thousand, but thanks to inceased number of medical manufacturers, the price has dropped drastically. Currently such a device cost starting from $150, although to get maximum comfort you need additional equipment and additions which may increase the cost to about $300.


Yes, it may seem a lot, but there have been several case studies which have proven the effectiveness.

Most of those penis straighteners works as penis enlargement devices. In fact, most of them are being named due to its ability to increase the penis size. It’s 2 in 1 – you will not only increase your penis size but also its length and girth.

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